Sunday, February 20, 2005


what is ASCAS?

ASCAS - Association of Small Collectors of Antique Silver

ASCAS is a free association between collectors and lovers of antique silver.
We have two aims: to promote friendship between our members and to spread knowledge of antique silver items, their hallmarks and their workmanship techniques.
The association hasn't any commercial interest. Any, what-so-ever, advertising objective is banned by our pages.The association carries out its activity on the internet within this website .
Its objectives are to host articles supplied by members on matters of common interest, to report links to websites related to silver and its hallmarks and to devote some pages to illustrate the most interesting pieces owned by our members (Photos and a brief description will be sufficient. The page will be created by ASCAS staff).
Our invitation is addressed to all private collectors and keen lovers of antique silver. Professional dealers may join the ASCAS as collectors or for private interest on antique silver, but our website has no link with commercial firms or advertising objectives.
Membership is absolutely free, but the association reserves the right to evaluate the requests for admission of its members. The request may be submitted using the form available at or addressing an e-mail to with the following informations:
- your name
- city and country (full address isn't necessary)
- email address (only if you are available to receive NON commercial communications strictly related to your membership)

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